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National Identity Issues in the Ukrainian-Russian war

National Identity Issues in the Ukrainian-Russian war

Introduction from “Old Wine in a New Bottle: Russia’s Modernization of Traditional Soviet Information Warfare and Active Policies Against Ukraine and Ukrainians”

by Taras Kuzio from the Department of Political Science, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine, where he discusses links between Tsarist, Soviet, and Russian narratives in Moscow’s contemporary information warfare. Messages in Russia’s information warfare are not only traditionally Soviet; they are also Tsarist when referring to Ukrainians.

If you continue visiting our Blog page you’ll be able to read further five chapters to find out about: 1) the Soviet origins of Russian information warfare; 2) the recurrent themes in Russian information warfare against Ukraine and Ukrainians; 3) how Russian information warfare seeks to belittle reforms and democratization in Ukraine since the Euromaidan Revolution; 4) a study of the use of Russian information warfare to distract blame from Russia; 5) whether Russian information warfare is counter-productive.

Enjoy reading!

Russia’s information warfare has been analyzed by a large number of Western scho