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Discover our creative supporters!

We’d like to share with you amazing artwork created specially for our charity to fundraise for our charitable causes. We are immensely grateful to the artists who contributed their time and talent to support Ukraine and hope you’ll be able to follow their creative work.

Maggie Martin

My name is Maggie and I live in a village in Sussex. I have always loved both flowers and art so when I took early retirement I decided to study botanical art and combine the two! I was fortunate to be accepted on the Diploma Course with the Society of Botanical Artists and graduated in 2016. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed painting all kinds of botanical items from Turks Head Squash to strawberries and Wedding Bouquets! 

I am lucky that my home is in a beautiful floral area and my husband keeps an allotment so I am rarely short of materials!

I am so happy to have been able to raise some funds with my art and hope to continue to do so.

Khrystyna Khmil

Krystyna Khmil, originally from the village of Hvizd, Ivano-Frankivsk region in Western Ukraine, until recently was living in Kyiv. She’s obtained her initial training at the Shevchenko College of Fine Arts, majoring in painting. In 2019 she graduated from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture, the Faculty of Painting and Composition in the studio of Mykola Storozhenko and was awarded a master's degree with honors. Krystyna focuses on the study of personal identity, connections and communication, human freedom and stereotypes. She works with various mediums including graphics, digital art, AR and VR technology. Krystyna takes an active part in both group and individual projects, and her works featured in a number of exhibitions: “Habitat. Manifesto 2020” at the Lavra Cathedral Art Gallery (Kyiv), “Who am I today” (Kyiv), Sansara: III Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest (Kyiv) and many others. Many of Christina's works are in private collections in the USA, Germany, Belarus and Ukraine.

These 2 paintings - number 5 and number 6 from the series "Freedom" were painted on 21st April, on the 57th day of the full-scale war. Artist's quote: "Freedom is part of human existence."

Pearl Swift-Vyner

My name is Pearl and I’m 9 years old. I’ve always been really into art from a very early age. I was very lucky to have one to one lessons with a talented artist. She really helped me bring out the inner artist and helped me develop and learn new techniques. I love drawing and painting animals. I love using various mediums in my art and enjoy creating different textures and elements.

Catrin Craft

I work at Royal Shrewsbry Hospital at the intensive care unit as part of the rehab team.  
My hobby is painting.
As a schoolgirl in the 1970’s all I wanted to do was go to art school and become an artist, however, my parents told me I had to ‘get a proper job’ and I became a nurse!
I have painted in my time off ever since (and I’m nearly 60 so that’s a long time)! I mainly paint seascapes, Cornwall UK being a particular favourite of mine.
When the news broke about Russia’s invasion of your beautiful country, many people felt helpless and were looking for ways we could help.  Jacob approached me and asked if I would consider doing a painting that could be raffled to raise funds.  He showed me a photograph of a Ukrainian farmer towing a Russian tank off his land, and this was the inspiration for my painting. I chose to keep it very simple, with the field and the sky representative of your country’s flag.

Susan Taylor

I’m 69 yrs old and a retired airline pilot living in a small village near Cambridge. I started painting during lockdown and recently began attending weekly watercolour classes at St.John’s Church on Hills Road. Having applied to sponsor a lady from Ukraine I decided to do a painting to put in my window. I wanted her to see that we all stand in solidarity with Ukraine. A lot of people liked the painting and my son and daughter suggested I use it to fundraise for Ukraine. We thought it would be lovely for refugees to see this in people's windows. I chose British-Ukrainian Aid because it is run by volunteers so the funds raised go directly to help those in need.

Serhiy Savchenko

Born 1972 in Lviv, Ukraine.

In 1991 Serhiy graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush, and in 1998 graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts. The sphere’s of his application include painting, drawing, photography, video, animation, street sculpture, and objects.

Serhiy is an ex curator of residencies program at the Museum of Ideas in Lviv, Ukraine. He participates in international residencies, workshops, and art events across Ukraine and worldwide.

Serhiy is a founder of the Savchenko Gallery  and Savchenko Foundation in Gdansk, Poland. He presently lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine and Gdansk, Poland.

Yulia Allan

My name is Yulia Allan (nee Butivchenko). I am a Ukrainian born Scottish landscape and seascape artist. I met and married a fine Scotsman nearly 15 years ago, and we live in a town called Gorebridge, just South of our capital Edinburgh.

I paint original oil paintings on canvas and have exhibited my work in a number of galleries and art fairs from Northern Scotland to London. I have sold work all over the world including most of Europe, United States and Australia.

In a bid to help in a small way with the terrible situation in my birth country of Ukraine I contacted British-Ukrainian Aid to collaborate with them on this art project, whereby 50% of all sales I donate to British-Ukrainian Aid's charitable causes. I really hope you can support this magnificent charity.

Please head over over to my website to see my artwork. Please be sure to mention the charity should you decide to purchase a piece. British-Ukrainian Aid will be in touch with you shortly afterwards to confirm having received their donation from me.

Thank you everyone for your kindness, and may God bless Ukraine.