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Tactical Medicine

One of the key focus areas of our activities is the provision of First Aid Kits to emergency and relief services. Thanks to donations we receive and with help of volunteers from a number of our Ukrainian partner organisations in London we have assembled more than 35,000 kits which have already reached Ukraine and have been saving lives. We hope to be able to assemble thousands more.  


We have also recently started supplying medical backpacks equipped to save 10+ lives by treating all major types of trauma, as well as versatile stretchers designed so that only 2 people instead of 4 people are needed for a rescue operation. This reduces the number of lives being risked saving others.

Ambulances and Evacuation Vehicles

The medical infrastructure in Ukraine has been significantly damaged due to the continuous attacks on health care, and access to health care in many areas has been severely impacted. We have procured and delivered more than 350 ambulances and evacuation vehicles, which will help bring vital lifesaving care to people in Ukraine and will also be used for rescue operations and evacuations.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Another area of our focus is delivering critical medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals to help those surviving in the extreme conditions. Most life-essential medications, broad-spectrum antibiotics, resuscitation drugs, surgical supplies as well as medical equipment worth c. £1 million, which was either procured by us or donated to us, has been delivered to a number of hospitals in Ukraine, including baby incubators, VAC machines, ultrasounds, anaesthetic machines, electro-coagulators and other medical equipment. 


British-Ukrainian Aid supports people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, including the injured and wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons, refugees and families who have lost their main earners.

British-Ukrainian Aid is a Charity Registered in England and Wales 1164472


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