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Ethnogeopolitics of Putin’s Eurasianism – Part 3

Book highlight from Understanding Contemporary Ukrainian and Russian Nationalism: The Post-Soviet Cossack Revival and Ukraine’s National Security” by Dr Olexander Hryb.

Part 1 of the highlight introduced the concept of Eurasianism and Part 2 focused on Putin’s statements of his civic nationalism. Part 3 outlines his idea of the reign of ‘Russian civilisation’. If you continue visiting our Blog Page you’ll be able to read further parts of the highlight.

Part 3.

4.2.3 Putin’s nationalism: Known unknowns

In August 2014, a left-wing activist Darya Polyudova was charged with a crime of inciting separatism and placed in pre-trial detention soon after she finished serving a previous two-week sentence over a rally demanding a broader autonomy for the Krasnodar region (North-Caucasian region associated with historical Cossack Kuban’). reported it was the first time when Russian authorities have brought criminal charges under a new law that took effect that year criminalizing calls for separatism. The rally organizers’ page on the social network VKontakte called for broader economic autonomy and self-governance rights for their region, but made no demands for succession.