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Ethnogeopolitics of Putin’s Eurasianism – Part 5

Book highlight from Understanding Contemporary Ukrainian and Russian Nationalism: The Post-Soviet Cossack Revival and Ukraine’s National Security” by Dr Olexander Hryb.

Part 1 of the highlight introduced the concept of Eurasianism; Part 2 focused on Putin’s statements of his civic nationalism; Part 3 outlined his idea of the reign of ‘Russian civilisation’;  Part 4 addressed the issue of Russia’s return to Eurasian ideology. Part 5 considers contradictions in Kremlin’s ideology. If you continue visiting our Blog Page you’ll be able to read further parts of the highlight.

Part 5.

4.2.5 New Eurasianism: Implications and contradictions

The Map in this Blog shows the future vision of the multipolar world published by the International Eurasianism Movement

Adoption of Eurasianism as a semi-official Kremlin’s ideology has contradictory implications for Putin’s Russia. On the one hand, Eurasianism does have potential to unite multi-ethnic society around the i