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The Ukrainian Community in London lay wreath at the Cenotaph to remember all Ukrainian solders who d

Every Ukrainian family suffered losses during the First and the Second World Wars. In the Second World War, more Ukrainians were killed fighting the Wehrmacht than American, British, and French soldiers—combined.

The Encyclopedia of Ukraine (University of Toronto Press, vol. 5, p. 727) states: “An estimated 6.8 million Ukrainians were killed…. About 200,000 Ukrainian displaced persons [DPs] ended up in the emigration to the West; the vast majority were returned to Soviet rule through forced repatriation.” Bohdan Krawchenko states that “In the course of the conflict 6.8 million people were killed, of whom 600,000 were Jews and 1.4 million were military personnel who either perished at the front or died as prisoners of war (POWs).” (Ukraine during World War II, ed. by Y. Boshyk, p. 15)