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KYIV UNBROKEN: Director’s Cut & Meet the Artists



Following a great many requests for an additional screening, Phil Strongman’s revelatory film about the Ukrainian Maidan art-scene will be streamed for FREE on Friday 8th May @ 19:00 pm (London time)

KYIV UNBROKEN (2017) is the first feature length documentary about both the Maidan Revolution of Dignity of 2014 and the artistic shockwaves that have followed to this day – all in the midst of a country at war, fighting to be freed from Russian domination. The documentary showcases artists from Kyiv, Dnipro & Kharkiv.

Phil Strongman will introduce the documentary before the screening and will be joined by the artists featuring in the film – including Vlada Buchko, Ira Luzina of Panivalkova and Volodymyr Shuvayev – to answer your questions once you’ve seen the film. 

You’ll learn about the artists that mushroomed in Ukraine’s capital and Maidan’s continuing influence on painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians & film-makers in both Ukraine and the whole of Europe. During Q&A, Phil, Vlada, Ira and Volodymyr will talk about the current situation in Ukraine and what it’s like to be an artist in times of quarantine.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent the details on how to join. The event is free, but you are welcome to make a voluntary donation of £5 to support the vulnerable groups in Ukraine.

Donations can be made via JustGiving:

Director: Phil Strongman

Run time: 90 min

Languages: English, Ukrainian & Russian

Q&A Participants: Phil Strongman, Vlada Buchko, Ira Luzina of Panivalkova & Volodymyr Shuvayev

You can watch a trailer HERE

WHEN: Friday 8th May @ 19:00 (London time)

We look forward to seeing you!

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