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Helping wounded undergoing treatment at Kiev Military Hospital Wednesday

On 4 January, 2015, Ukraine Aid volunteers visited 9 injured patients undergoing medical treatment at Kiev Military Hospital. Each of them was given some financial support – 5000 hryvnias, the equivalent of £207.80 (£1870 in total). We have established that the wounded, who received some help from us, have either nominal or no income, and therefore, during their stay in hospital, they are not able to afford the bare essentials such as food and medicines. Ukraine Aid tries to follow their recovery progress and help in any way we possibly can.

Presently, we are collecting funds to purchase a rehabilitation exercise bicycle for Denis Golodiuk, who is one of the patients we met at the hospital.  On 3 June 2014, 22 y.o. Denis received an injury near Sloviansk in Eastern Ukraine: his leg was wounded. He spent 8 months in hospital and had numerous operations. In order to restore the muscle functions in his leg, Denis needs to start a course of rehabilitation.