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Ethnogeopolitics of Putin’s Eurasianism – Part 6

Book highlight from Understanding Contemporary Ukrainian and Russian Nationalism: The Post-Soviet Cossack Revival and Ukraine’s National Security” by Dr Olexander Hryb.

Part 1 of the highlight introduced the concept of Eurasianism; Part 2 focused on Putin’s statements of his civic nationalism; Part 3 outlined his idea of the reign of ‘Russian civilisation’;  Part 4 addressed the issue of Russia’s return to Eurasian ideology. Part 5 considered contradictions in Kremlin’s ideology. Part 6 explores a range of various Eurasianist ideas which could be tested by Russia and concludes the book highlight.

Part 6.

4.2.6 Unknown Unknowns of Putin’s Eurasianism

The Map in this Blog shows Dugin’s counter strategy to create a multipolar world

Although Alexander Dugin’s links to FSB, GRU, Russian General Staff, Duma and presidential administration are well documented (Basin 2017), it is not quite clear whether he is a product or an inspiration of Putin’s Eurasianism