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An Exhibition of Icons on Ammunition Boxes

21st February – 4th June 2023

Notting Hill St. John’s Church, 152 Lansdowne Cres, London W11 2NN

All funds raised will be used for a new mobile hospital and rehabilitation facilities in Ukraine. To support this cause you can DONATE via JustGiving.

Since 8th of December 2022 from Oxford started its journey in the UK Charity Conceptual Art Exhibition of icons painted on ammunition boxes. Until February 12 it is hosted by University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford.

Since February 22, 2023 it will move to London, where it will be hosted by Notting Hill St. John’s Church. It will stay there until June 4th, 2023, and we hope to continue its journey in the UK afterwards, please contact, in case you would like to support.

Icons on the Ammunition boxes is a family art project of Ukrainian artists Sofiia Atlantova and Oleksandr Klymenko, which is began in 2014, when Russian army occupied Donbass and annexed Crimea.

The proceeds from the icons sale will support a new mobile hospital and rehabilitation facility in Ukraine named after the Apostle Luke. The most urgent need is to purchase ambulances for the paramedics rescuing life. This is a non-governmental project, which brings doctors to the frontline. There, they help wounded and ill: both the Ukrainian soldiers and civil locals. The icons on ammunition boxes, thus, demonstrate how violence and pain can be transfigured into peace and relief, and actually contribute to this transfiguration through the work of doctors.

About the artists

SOFIA ATLANTOVA (born on Dec. 14,1981, lives & works in Kyiv, Ukraine), graduate of the National Academy of Cine Arts and Architecture Works in the field of monumental and easel painting, book graphics, installations. Participated in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Her books were included in short and long lists of several literary awards in Ukraine and abroad, in particular -"BBC Book of the Year".

OLEKSANDR KLYMENKO (born on July 5. 1976. lives & works in Kyiv. Ukraine). Graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Institute of Art History, Folklore and Ethnology and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Taught at the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design and at the Higher Humanitarian Theological Courses (Kyiv). Participated in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad organized of a number of literary and artistic events and performances. Author of the idea and one of the curators of the Icons on Ammunition Boxes.


This event is co-organised by the University Church of St Mary's the Virgin, Oxford, St John's Notting Hill in London, Peli can live, Rotary Club "Kyiv Capital", Hope4Creation and British-Ukrainian Aid.

You can also DONATE any amount via JustGiving to contribute towards ambulances and other equipment and medicine needed by the hospital:


The organisers dedicate the exhibition to Semen Oblomei, Warrior of Light, a member of the Peli can live team who was killed defending Ukraine in June 2022. Semen’s life was about sports, active tourism, business, engaging with people and sharing a lot of wisdom. Everyone who had the honour to meet him remember Semen’s flying skateboard! He was a graduate of Ukrainian Leadership Academy, forestry faculty student at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, and was the heart of the Peli can live charity. Semen was killed in Siverodonetsk by a massive aerial bomb. He was just 22 and got married 12 days before his death.

We want to save lives of our warriors and those civilians, who are injured on the frontline. That is why we appreciate your support through donations.


British-Ukrainian Aid supports people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, including the injured and wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons, refugees and families who have lost their main earners.

British-Ukrainian Aid is a Charity Registered in England and Wales 1164472



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