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We sponsor Art-Therapy Rehabilitation & Social Adaptation Courses for War Veterans in a rehabilitation centre in Western Ukraine with our local partner organization “Zigriy Dushu”. The veterans undergo treatment, socialise in a relaxed atmosphere and spend quality time with their families.

The objective is that through these courses, participating veterans and their families can dramatically enhance their transition process into productive and fulfilling civilian lifestyles.

The programme is hosted in a secure and supportive environment, and staged around the rehabilitative aspects of artwork. The participants develop new relationships and support networks to help them heal and transition. Throughout the course, they enjoy therapeutic time and participate in a variety of helpful sessions to support a healthy lifestyle, including access to counselling, support for employment, substance abuse, PTS, idea sharing and discussions on various services available for their own well-being as well as the well-being of their carers.


“This course has turned into so much more than I expected. You have given me just a little more hope that things can be better. The camaraderie was absolutely incredible. To be around other veterans was definitely a healing experience.”

Ihor Hoholyak, ATO veteran


British-Ukrainian Aid supports people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, including the injured and wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons, refugees and families who have lost their main earners.

British-Ukrainian Aid is a Charity Registered in England and Wales 1164472


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February 2014 – February 2022before the full-scale invasion

  • Over 14,000 people have been killed

  • Over 1,800 people have been killed or injured by mines

  • Up to 9,000 civilians were injured

  • 298 people from 10 countries have been killed in the Malaysian Airlines Boeing incident MH17 in 2014.

Since 24 February 2022

after the full-scale invasion

As of July 2022 OHCHR recorded 12,584 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 

  • 5,327 killed

  • 7,257 injured

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